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SIXWAY is a global information security company that specializes in providing comprehensive Information Security Solutions for your Business-Critical needs.

We provide services for Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Airlines, E-Commerce, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Law firms, Security and Technology markets worldwide. We seek to provide the services, knowledge and expertise to evaluate and strengthen the capacity and capability of your organization to utilize Information Technology to strategic advantage. We focus on those often overlooked but distinctive potentials along the Information Value Sequence that set apart outstanding from mundane doers and bring to bear our knowledge of global best practices.

The solutions that we offer are tested in simulated lab environments for consistency, reliability and analyzed by the technology experts.

Due to the vigorous attack possibilities in the Information Security arena, we are always in an ongoing process of generating proficient result driven solutions, above and beyond the current solutions available in the market. We are constantly and consistently providing innovative solutions and updates to our clients in order to ensure complete protection to the client proprietary data and storage environments.

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