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Data recovery in its most basic form refers to the process involved in recovering data from a device such as a removable disk, hard drive or variable forms of electronic storage devices, including flash memory, RAID array, database and backup tape drives. The recovery process is performed when any type of data cannot be accessed by means of general applications.

There are several ways in which data can be stored: CDs and DVDs, removable disks and hard drives are just a few of them, and like any other electronic or mechanical device, such data devices can fail to operate in its normal capacity. However, there are instance when data recovery is necessary due to human error which includes a password that cannot be remembered, the accidental deletion of a file or formatting of a disk. During so-called “Acts of God” devices may also become damaged due to fire or other forms of damage including flooding.

Whichever way your data is lost, the process involved with data recovery is a method to recover such data in a safe and effective manner.

Data Recovery and Forensic Analysis

When potential violation of data occurs in the workplace, time is of the essence and companies only have a short period available in which to collect analytical evidence as to where such data is located. Internal IT sources are often applied in the first stages of company data recovery. However, staff that is not adequately trained in this field can cause more damage to the lost data when they mishandle critical evidence by mistake.

Team SIXWAY have incomparable experience which they employ throughout data recovery processes, and use forensic protocols and software to perform this critical task. As a result, data is sufficiently preserved. Such specialists manage data signals by employing reliable forensic methods and data recovery applications that are generally sustained by case law.

The basic application of forensic science to the process of data recovery from technology such as smartphones, laptops, workstations and servers, explores all physical systems present within the company; including that of personnel, offering valid answers to the question of missing data as it can establish whether any data has indeed been conceded.

The future of companies employing specialized data recovery and forensic analysis

Companies that employ the skills of SIXWAY with the necessary knowledge related to the field of data recovery can have the added peace of mind that their line of first response will act further than just the immediate required process, and immediately move towards a superior security position which will greatly benefit the company.  Your company will be in a position to enjoy unsurpassed data recovery skills with enhanced protection for any possible future incidents.

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