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Data breaches are the most common problem today faced by most computer users in the present times. A data breach happens when an important data or information that is needed to be secured and confidential is exposed by any unauthorized access. Though a number of modern techniques are introduced to get tight security for data, hackers keep on finding ideas and tricks to bypass the same and attack your personal data.

A sensitive data can be disclosed due to a number of different reasons and factors including weak security policies, unintentional mistakes, malicious attacks and employee incompetence.  Confidential information of your business can go in the hands of unreliable people, while transferring a file, accessing missing or stolen systems, or because of hacking of company’s servers. Data breach can even happen because of an unsecured email.

It is very important for businesses to be ready when it comes to facing incidents of data breach. If businesses are not well prepared, it can cause losses worth millions and hurt the confidence of the customers, leading to the downfall of the brand. Responding to these data breaches is a complicated, stressful and costly procedure. It will be more difficult for organizations to deal with it if they do not already have a response plan related to the same.

Organizations should make a response framework for keeping their data secure. An efficient occurrence response plan has an outline for action that will allow organizations to be ahead of the time. You can also publish an incident notification process that needs to be issued for all the related people like contractors and employees.

SIXWAY is such an efficient service provider that helps clients in keeping their important data secured and protected. The company is a leader in providing extensive cyber security solutions for incident response and data breach analysis. SIXWAY is offering the proficient assistance to improve your conclusion across the board. It helps clients to create knowledgeable decisions for each role in order to direct people when it comes to easy and complicated ways of recovery. It is offering following data breach response solutions to customers.

  • Data Recovery and Forensic Analysis

SIXWAY analyzes the evidence that was left behind by hackers, while attacking important data and uncovers significant information.  The company can even help clients whose data was intentionally deleted or stolen.

  • Data Collection and Preservation

SIXWAY also offers most affordable solutions for analyzing, isolating and securing data with the help of forensically sound methodologies.

  • Malware and Advanced Threat Analysis

Team SIXWAY members are qualified malware experts, who analyze malware in order to find out the correct functions and take immediate actions necessary.

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