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Computer and Digital forensics is a practice used to deal with anything from breached networks, compromised systems, fraud claims to misconduct charges. It allows the business to utilize a service that lets them follow a digital trail that the data in question would have left, and this helps find the real answers behind all of the stories that are being told.

At SIXWAY Computer and Digital Forensics experts work relentlessly to help find the truth behind any scenario. You can ensure that all the scraps of evidence – no matter how small – are found in our forensic checks, ensuring that you get the right answers no matter how many sources we need to work through. You can trust SIXWAY to provide you with a bespoke service that is tailored to finding out only the truth.

We help cover the following;

  • Crime Investigations – Get all the answers you need to prove or disprove claims of wrongdoing or misconduct
  • Data Collection – No matter how much you need us to work through, we can use our elite technology to gather the data you need for future analysis
  • Data Recovery – Lost important files and can’t seem to find them anywhere? Our forensic team can work through your systems until they find the data that you need
  • Data Defense – Looking to protect specific information? Our Computer Forensics team can keep your most private and detailed information under lock and key for as long as you need

We work with your own staff to find even the most sensitive information, whether its data you wish to find and preserve that has been lost or clues to the truth about a situation. Computer Forensics can make getting to the bottom of a situation a whole lot easier, please don’t hesitate in contacting us HERE if you need more information on how we can make your business safer, and help you solve complex situations.