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Many organizations expend a lot of their resources to offer security to their computer systems and protect them against hackers, viruses, Trojans and all manner of spyware. While they do this, they fail to take note of their physical security not realizing that very little technical knowledge is necessary to break in and cause havoc inside the building.
They also don’t realize that physical security is not only meant to deter burglars and thieves but also calamities such as natural disasters and accidents can happen at any time and cause damages within the building. This is why it is absolutely necessary for every organization to find competent physical security consultants like SIXWAY to take care of all your physical security needs.

Physical Security Audit
There are three basic components of physical security that organization should keenly focus on. The first aspect is the obstacles put in place to deter potential attackers from gaining access into the facility. This basically involves setting up structures like perimeter walls, fences, water sprinklers for use in case of fire, use of multiple locks etc. This aspect also involves hardening the sites to offer adequate protection against accidents and natural calamities like earthquakes and storms.
The second aspect in a security audit involves surveillance and notifications systems. These are to constantly monitor the building and give any warnings in case of potential breaches. The main components used to achieve this include smoke detectors, heat sensors, intrusion detectors, cameras, alarms etc. The final component of a security audit is means of apprehending the attackers. This should be done before a breach takes place and it heavily relies on the surveillance and notification systems.
Evidently, there is more to physical security than is perceived by a majority of the organizations. It thus becomes necessary to enlist the services of a competent company like SIXWAY to conduct a complete audit on your current state of physical security. Such an audit will identify all your vulnerabilities and propose the most efficient measures that will guarantee the security of the premises. Our experience and expertise puts us ahead of the rest in the industry as we are able to implement unique and efficient measures that the rest are yet to learn about. Therefore working with us to sort out your physical security issues is actually working with best in the industry. Our Physical Security Review includes:

  • Firewall security review and recommendations
  • Internet firewall risk assessment
  • Precise network segmentation
  • Preference of internal networks, external networks and the DMZ
  • Network monitoring and Cleansing
  • Periodic review and cleansing as per requirement

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